Parenting Issues

These days we are bombarded with advice about parenting. There are books about parenting from every theoretical perspective and personal point of view imaginable. There are articles on the internet, heated discussions on Facebook and parents' forums, and advice from well-meaning relatives and friends. The advice is often conflicting. You will be told that a child will develop more secure attachment if she sleeps in her parents' bed, and you will be told that it is imperative that the child is trained to sleep in her own bed early on. You will read about the importance of emphasizing academic achievement, and you will then read in a different source that it is more important to develop emotional intelligence. Time-out or time-in? Attachment parenting or clear boundaries? Daycare or nanny? Public or private school? Or maybe French Immersion? 

In addition to conflicting general parenting advice, parents often struggle with the issues of discipline, relationships between family members, conflicts and rivalry among siblings, as well as fears, anxieties and other psychological problems in children and teens. 

Our approach to parenting is no-nonsense hands-on advice geared to your particular child and your specific family situation. What works for one child may be contraindicated for another. After thoroughly assessing the history and the current situation, we will discuss specific strategies to address the issue. This may include behaviour modification strategies, communication tools, advice on modifying daily routine and schedule, or a referral to a specialist. As all our services are either provided or supervised by a Clinical Psychologist, a careful assessment will be conducted to rule out a psychological health problem.