Welcome to OCD and Anxiety Clinic at Turning Point Psychological Services!


What brings you here? Are you consumed with anxiety and worry? Do you have intrusive thoughts that interfere with your life? Do you feel stuck and unable to enjoy life? If so, therapy can help. 

If you suffer from anxiety or OCD, working together can help you overcome your worry and unwanted thoughts. 

We are a team of psychologists, psychotherapists and social workers offering psychological treatment and counselling to adults, adolescents, and children.


Each of our therapists has been carefully chosen based on their knowledge, empathic talent, growth mindset, and warm character to help address a wide variety of psychological and emotional needs. One of our basic requirements is continuous professional development of all our clinicians. 

We are aiming to make quality psychotherapy more accessible for patients.

Currently we offer services in North York TorontoThornhill, and Maple / Vaughan location. If you live far away or just prefer not to drive to your appointments, you can have counselling sessions via our Video Therapy. it is easy to book in-office or Video sessions with just a few clicks through our Online Scheduling.

All treatments provided by Turning Point Psychological Services associates are conducted under the direct supervision of Anna Prudovski, Clinical Psychologist.

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