More About Us


It is often not easy to take that first step.

You may be looking at this website because you feel that you are finally ready to explore new ways of addressing your problem.

You may have considered seeking psychological treatment, but have kept postponing making the call because you may have perceived it as a sign of weakness, or were worried about being judged or misunderstood, or hoped that the issue will resolve on its own.

Maybe you are ashamed of having a difficult relationship with your family, or because you experience embarrassing intrusive thoughts.

Or you may have sought therapy before, but felt that it was not helpful. 

The first goal of all our therapists is to create a comfortable nonjudgemental environment for you to feel safe.  Sometimes it is difficult to share your fears, thoughts, or emotions with friends and family. They may have difficulty relating to your concerns, they may jump straight into reassuring you that everything will be all right, or they may feel uncomfortable not knowing what to say.

As therapists, we are trained to listen empathically to people’s stories, ask questions, and not jump onto conclusions. We understand that while we are the experts in psychological treatment, YOU are the true expert in your life and yourself. We, therefore, will work collaboratively with you to help you overcome difficulties and achieve your goals.

Many of our therapists have unique and complex life experiences (living in different countries, changing carrier paths, going through major life transitions, struggling with parenting challenges, overcoming significant emotional and physical difficulties). In fact, I take life experience of the therapists into consideration when selecting new associates to work on our team, along with their interpersonal skills, proficiency in evidence-based psychological treatment approaches, and willingness to engage in ongoing continuing education.