Group Psychotherapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Group

This group is recommended for people struggling with depression, anxiety, phobias, and those dealing with chronic stress, relationship problems, low self-esteem and other psychological issues.

CBT is a well researched type of therapy that is widely used to help people manage their psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, excessive worrying, stress and interpersonal conflicts. CBT explores connections between thoughts, behaviors and emotions. Learning CBT strategies will assist you in changing unhelpful patterns of thought and behavior, thus improving your quality of life.  During the course of the group you will learn how your thoughts and behaviors contribute to the problem you are dealing with and you will acquire skills needed to break this cycle. CBT can bring immediate relief from your emotional pain. This type of therapy allows you to heal by challenging your thought patterns.  You will be able to become your own psychotherapist because CBT techniques can be used in any problematic situation in your life.

Parenting Group

This 8 sessions group is for parents of children up to 6 years old. At this group you will learn about different parenting styles and discover your and your spouse's parenting style. You will find out about how understanding your child's temperament and your child's environment will help you improve and strengthen your relationship with him or her.

Discipline strategies appropriate for child's developmental stage will be reviewed. Best ways of keeping an open communication with daycare and school will be talked about. During the course of the group we will discuss ways of talking to children about sex, providing appropriate boundaries, dealing with bilingualism and knowing when to praise.

Mindfulness Group

This group will provide you with information as well as with supportive environment to raise the parenting issues you may be struggling with. This group incorporates CBT and Mindfulness techniques (meditation). You will learn to cope with life stressors, depressive moods and excessive worrying. During this group you will be able to explore your feelings and your reactions to them. You will learn how to be mindfully aware of your physical state, emotions and thoughts without judgment. You will gain knowledge of how your biases and preconceptions influence your reactions to various situations.

You will discover your inner self and will be able to cherish each moment of your life!

Emotional Eating Group

This group is recommended for women who struggle with overeating triggered by emotions rather than hunger. If you are depressed, anxious, stressed, bored, tired or going through a difficult time in your life and as a result turn to food to comfort you - this group is for you! Participants will learn to recognize the difference between hunger and emotional cravings. We will discuss healthy strategies that can help you to cope with your emotions. You will learn how to achieve along term relief rather than temporary break that emotional eating brings you. By overcoming emotional eating you will also be able to deal with unwanted weight gain and feelings of shame, guilt and unhappiness.

It is time to take control over your eating habits rather then letting them control your life!