Separation and Divorce

Unfortunately, a great deal of marriages ends up in divorce. About 40% of Canadian families will face a divorce before reaching a 30 year wedding anniversary. Separation and divorce bring with them stress, uncertainty, anxiety, anger, and a wide range of other emotions, which are often overwhelming and confusing. 

If you are preparing to separate, or are in the process of separation and divorce, you may have a lot of questions. How to deal with your spouse? How and when to tell the children about the breakup? What are the different approaches to the children of different ages in this situation? 

You may think that those dilemmas end when the divorce is finalized. However, new issues then come up. How to co-parent your children with your former spouse? How to organize holidays or special occasions? How to help your children deal with your or your ex-spouse's new relationship or remarriage? How to avoid mistakes when blending two families? How to be a stepparent? 

In the last few years, an increasing number of parents seek professional advice on how to handle this life transition in the best way. A therapist with the knowledge of the issues of separation and divorce, as well as an understanding of developmental milestones that affect each child's potential response to the separation, can be a great source of support and guidance during this difficult period.