Everybody feels anxious sometimes. We feel anxious when we are scared or think something bad or dangerous may happen. Anxiety is a normal, even helpful and adaptive emotion. It allows us to deal effectively with danger. At times, however, anxiety may become overwhelming and negatively affect our functioning in daily life. We may start avoiding things that make us anxious, or deal with things differently than we normally would. It is important to deal with unhelpful anxiety that might have gotten in the way you live your life. 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is the evidence-based treatment for anxiety. Using CBT tools, your therapist will guide you in learning helpful strategies for managing your anxiety. You will learn what anxiety is and how to recognize and interpret its signs. In therapy, the unhelpful thoughts that make you anxious and keep your anxiety going will be explored, challenged and modified. Additionally, you and your therapist will identify the behaviours that may contribute to your anxiety, and work of gradually changing them. 

You can stop anxiety from controlling your life! 

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