Healing Our Children - 2016 World Summit

Speaker Schedule 

DAY 1: Tuesday, March 15 

Laura Markham, Ph.D. - The Perils of Punishment and the Power of Connection

Beth Lambert - Finding Answers to the Epidemic of Childhood Disorders and Illnesses

Cilla Whatcott - Homeoprophylaxis: Using Homeopathy to Educate the Immune System as a Safe and Effective Alternative to Vaccination

DAY 2: Wednesday, March 16 

Martha Herbert, M.D. Ph.D. - How New Brain Science Supports a Whole Body Approach to Healing and Protecting the Brain

Donna Jackson Nazakawa - Adverse Childhood Experiences: Their Impact on Health and How to Heal After They Happen

Bryan Post - Patience and Persistence in Parenting Traumatized Children

DAY 3: Thursday, March 17 

Vanessa Lapointe, R. Psych. - Discipline without Damage

Rebecca L. French - Understanding and Helping our Highly Sensitive (Empathic) Children

Dr. Sheila Kilbane - Natural and Nutritional Approaches to Reducing Inflammation - the Silent Culprit Behind Skin, Gut, and Behavior Problems. 

DAY 4: Friday, March 18 

Dr. Gabor Mate - The Biology of Loss and How to Heal From it

Bette Lamont- How Neurological Reorganization Helps the Brain From the Bottom Up

Alison Morris - Using EFT (Tapping) to Reduce Fear, Reactivity, and Anxiety: a LIVE tapping class for struggling parents

DAY 5: Saturday, March 19 

Tami Duncan - The #ISeeYourLight Campaign to Raise the Vibration of the Autism (and other labeled) Communities

Stephen Terrell - Healing Developmental Trauma

DAY 6: Sunday, March 20 

Emily Filmore - What God Wants Every Parent and Child to Know About Unconditional Love

Dumari Dancoes - How to Hear and Trust Your Inner (Divine) Guidance

DAY 7: Monday, March 23 

Scott Noelle - Power versus Control and the PATH Parenting Approach to Connecting with your Child

Lynn Louise Wonders - Ho'oponopono and the Power of Forgiveness to Heal the World

Stanley Rosenberg. - Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve: Self-Help Exercises for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and Autism