COUNSELLOR Turning Point Associate

Alexandra Gusinsky, Counsellor

Psychotherapy with me can offer you a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space and relationship in which you can bring the problems of work, parenting, relationships, or painful states such as anxiety, confusion, depression, low sense of self and trauma. 

It can be a space where we can together find a way to make sense of your experiences, to explore the underlying beliefs that you bring to your world view - a place to find a way to have more choices.

My clients are people who are very much like you and me, people of different beliefs, people who often function well in many areas of their lives. They may, however, feel that they are unable to establish successful intimate relationships, or they may be unhappy despite earning a good income in a satisfying job, or they may suffer from anxiety disorders, which is one of the most common psychological problems. 

I help my clients to get to know themselves better and to take more responsibility for their lives, to recognize their feelings and to use them constructively. I see my role as a catalyst to my clients’ amazing powers for self-actualization. 

My practice includes the use of CBT (Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy) and Solution-Focused Therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, psychoeducation, Mindfulness, as well as psychodynamic approach. 

I have a continuing commitment to life-long learning. I consistently attend numerous personal and professional development courses, workshops, seminars, and lecture series, as well as participate in my own therapy and on-going supervision. 

I offer services in English, Russian and Hebrew and see my clients in Maple, Vaughan location